Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bingo on the Bus!!!

NEVER!!! I SAY NEVER- Play Bingo on the Bus!!!! :0)
It is VERY dangerous!!! And you get yelled at by students- haha!! We laugh we cry we sing we yell!!
Everybody should know what bingo is if you have met me, buuuut, if you don't- here is the layout. Bingo starts as soon as you get into a car. As soon as you see a YELLOW car you yellllll- "BINGO"


Kris-10 said...

That's all we do now as we drive around is play BINGO. We've added Oingo for orange and gringo for green too.


I KNOW!! I kinda stole that from you though....ITS AWESOME!!!

me said...

bing thoses were fun times well i guess the bus can get kinda crazy