Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am going to the 5th grade!!!

I am going into the 5th grade! It is so exciting! I am a little scared though. What was it like for you guys? I'll tell you how I feel. SCARED!! My friend said they give you all this hard stuff, but in 6th grade it is a breeze! I cant believe that I will be doing all this Aldgraba and stuff it is so SCARY ! Let me list you everything I am scared of.

  1. The guy I like might be in my class and he knows I like him because of KENZIE !
  2. I am not sure how to fit in?
  3. I really want one of my 4th grade friends to be in my class!
  4. WHAT TO WEAR!! My friend that was in 5th grade just last year looked so good all the boys liked her! I might be exadrating a little?
  5. How am I going to Live

Any suggestions? Please give me some!!