Monday, June 29, 2009

At LAST!!!!!!!

As you all know I earned money to fly down to AZ and see Wicked with my date Kristen and my grandparents!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy!!! And now I am.....................

I know it isnt that big but still!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be spending time (alone) with cousins and family!!!!!! Of course I miss my "PARENTS"!!!!!! But that is all!!!!!! And I am going to be doing some fun things like.......
4)Running!!! I am going to start!
Pretty much everything ended with G!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am so excited to spend 4th of July in Arizona with you guys! It is so awsome!!!!! WHOPPEEEEE!


I love this show! It is awsome! I totally wanted that girl who got voted off gone! I am so happy! I love Oscar and that one other girl I cant remember her name!

Movie night inside!

Ok, Jaime I am not trying to copy your blog but like two nights ago I was babysitting and I thought that they were so cute laying down there!

I think I want to go into photography soon!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Life is pretty much miserable!


June llth-Dad leaves for Camp Helaman and Kenzie gets sick! I cleaned the kitchen SPOTLESSLY CLEAN! And at dinner it got messed up!

June 12th-Kenzie is whining and complaning about her being sick! Gannon breaks the light outside and hurts his leg! And Gabbi gets the Chicken pox! Again I clean the kitchen but this time the whole house! And it gets messed up by the time the kids eat dinner! But, I got sonic for dinner and watched Twilight with my mom!


June 13th-Gabbi still has Chicken Pox! Kenzie is all right from her illness! And I am bored!


June 14th- I have to get ready for my daycare and my mom is going to FREAK OUT about this Funeral!

June 15th-19th- Daycare starts! HOLY COW!

June 21st- Fathers day!

June 23rd- My dance recital! Whopee!

June 27th- Gabbi's dance recital

June 28th- I am flying down to AZ TO SEE YOU!!!!!!

There now you know what I am doing!

Friday, June 12, 2009

So My daycamp is swell.........

I so far have 11 kids including Gabbi is 12! Holy Cow! How am I supposed to do it! Of course I will have my mom but 12 kids!!!!!

My daycamp is called Camp Fairytale! Each day there is a different fairytale! We dicided that we should do like a cooking thing! So we do a kitchen craft every day!

My mom went today and got some approns and baskets so that they can where there approns and take home there goodies when they finish them!

Well, hopefully my hair won't be falling out by the time I get there! Love you guys!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I can't wait! Instead of Wednesday I am coming the last sunday of June! It will be so much fun! We will have to do tons the week I am off from all my younger siblings! Of course, I will totally babysit your kiddios! I am so excited!!!!!!! For Wicked and flying down on a plane!

First, Wicked! I wonder what it will be like!? I have all the songs! It sounds like a really good play! Has anyone seen it before? Is it good? Hopefully! What am I talking about! Of course it will be good!

Second, PLANE! I can't believe I get to fly down by MYSELF on a plane! But if you fly under 12 it is an extra fee of 100 dollars! So I am as I said doing a day camp and lableing and watering a garden for like 2 weeks to earn money for the trip! My mom says that she thinks I am scared! Ph- ch- wha- so whatever! I am so not! I bet it will be hard by myself but I am not scared!

Third, Babysitting! Do I hear a night date? A lunch out? Breakfast? Any thing to get out of the house? Here I am!!!!! I will so be like a free card! Call me and I will so babysit for you! I love kiddies! And hopefully they love ME!!!! I will so do it! Call me up!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camp Fairytale!

The only way for me to come down is to earn money. So I am doing a day camp so I can come down!

Monday, June 1, 2009




I am coming down on July 1st and spending 5days with you guys!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!