Thursday, July 29, 2010

How insane are we!!!?

Ok- so you know how you get all your papers and stuff when you go to school? Or like the stuff you need?

So, being as crazy and dumb as I am, I called my BFF Mauri up and we talked for at least an hour on how excited we were to get our letters for JH! But once again not using my brain, I thought that we would get our..........
And all that Jazz in our little letters!


We were swimming at the Deatons and I called my dad up and Asked him "Did I get my letter??!!" He replied saying, "Yep! It's right here!" Then I said- more like screamed, "YAY!!!"

So I got home and Ran upstairs to take my shower before I read it- don't know why but yes I did!! I walked downstairs and looked at the envolope got the paper and.................................BOOM!!

NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just a silly letter telling us when our orientation was and what we would be doing there!

Jeez! now I am counting down to August 9th! :0)

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