Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boringest (if thats a word) Fall Break EVER!!

So Fall break wahoo!! Not exactly......................

Sunday, everything is going great until that night! Rig gets sick

Monday, Rig is better. Then Gannon gets it! Around 4-5:00!

Tuesday, Dad gets it then Kenzie comes home and she starts her round!!

Wedensday, thank goodness for Grandma's house!!, Mom comes home from shopping and it hits her like that.

Thursday, Rigdon and Keaters.

Friday, Gabbi gets it!! And let me tell you, she thought she was gonna die!

Saturday, Gabbi wakes up fine now she is next to me wining!!

Anyway, I haven't got it but i am sure I will! This isn't the way I was hoping to spend my fall break. And I had to turn down 2 babysitting jobs (mostly cuz i didn't wanna) but still!!


The Heaps said...

Not fun at all! Did you ever get it?


NO WAY!!! I am sooo happy about it too!!