Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girls Camp!!!!!!

Okay- How much more can your first year of Girls Camp GET! It was soo much fun, but spiritual at the same time! We did lots of things so I will sit here and list them all!!
So the first night, during ward time, all the leaders, including my funky mother, did a cute little bee skit!! We also got cute little journals and flower pens, also created by the one and only Maren Checketts!!
The second night, we went on this blindfolded walk. (We all got these purple bandanas to show we were from the Madero ward) We blindfolded ourselves and all the leaders tied ropes to trees to make a little pathway. We all had to follow the path, while blindfolded, with the help of the leaders not saying a single word. When we got to the very end, the rope was cut off! We were all comforted as we heard the words from Sister Hanks "You are almost there! Follow my voice, step over that log in front of you." When we reached she put an arm around us and held us till we got to our other sisters. Still talking to us she guided us to the log where we were to sit. "Okay-you can take off the blindfold." She had said. As soon as we did- you could see all of the Young Women looking at you with smiling faces! It was a wonderful experience!!
The third night was Bishops night! What a night!! It was also a very good friend of mines birthday soo we all got treats!! I know- lucky us!! :0) Anyways so our bishop bore his testimony and gave a wonderful lesson on what we did all that weekend. And then- our turn- Time for our testimonies. Of course- as always- I was being begged to go up! But knowing me- I was NOT the first one to go up. I think I was the tenth or something! :0) So I went up. It all started out fine. But then- I bursted!! Tears flowing out EVERYWHERE!! I got a couple of laughs out of everybody here and there. But it was really spiritual. All the girls got up. But one poor girl, Maddie, got sick so she had to go. But I will never forget that night!! It was too special!!

Okay soo we also got to do Secret Sisters!!! F-U-N!!!! My gal was Katelyn Jensen and the gal who did me was McKenna Pomeroy! I got a poster board with a note and some starbursts! Then the second day I got a Picture frame with my favorite scripture and temple then one window said "Girls Camp 2010" And then a picture of Christ. It is soo beautiful. Then the third day I got A cute little green beach bag with a red ribbon tieing it up with a box of cheeze-its, since its my favorite snack, then ANOTHER green waterbottle! Same waterbottle that I took up to camp with me! Ya know Green is my favorite color so.......:0)! Then the last day she came up to me with a little bag with a note and a beautiful flower clip!!! She is a pro at making flower clips! At the craft room- you can make them and she had this wal-mart bag HALFWAY FULL!!!!!!!!!!! If not that fuller!! So I got this cute little clip!! I gave my Secret Sister some awesome stuff that I kinda wanted myself!! On the first day- I gave her this cute little green bag and green flipflops! (CATCH THIS: Her favorite colors are green and purple- SO ARE MINE!! And she Loves softball and lipgloss and flowerclips!! SO DO I!!!!!!!!!) The Second day I gave her some cherry lipgloss and cherry starbursts since she likes cherry lipgloss. And knowing my mother- you have to add something else besides the cherry lipgloss! OH! I forgot to mention- we did these cute little tags with little rhymes on them so the first one was:
I hope Secret sister you'll flip and not flop
Cause I think you're the tops!
The second was:
So Cherry's your favorite flavor
I hope this gift you'll savor
So on the third gift I gave her a Symphony bar because WHAT- She likes them!! The poem was:
This little gift will make you sing
With each bite, hapiness it will bring!
For the fourth day With the help of Jamie we made her a purple flower clip and a pipe cleaner purple flower ring!! Since once again those are her favorite colors!!
The poem was,
Purple and green are your favorite colors you say,
I hope these flowers will make your day!
Then I wrote a little note to her at the end!!!!!!!


The Heaps said...

So fun! I am glad your first was a blast....and what fun to have your awesome mama up there with you. Love you sweet girl.

Blackson family said...

Mikala, sounds like you had tons of fun at girls camp. What a neat experience you had with the fun filled activities, spritual testimony meeting, and camp coming to an end. You have a talented mom and so creative. Fun, fun, fun. - love ya - Aunt Stefanie

Sizzling Smiths said...

Mikala...I just cant believe that you are going to camp. It is my most favorite place in the world and I am so glad that your first year was such a fun and spiritual experience. You will always remember those great times. And your mom is so fun...What a great time...Love you..granma

Lori said...

You are one lucky young lady. I never got to go to girls camp - wasn't a member of the church yet. I did get to be a cabin mom once. Hope you remember your experience and cherish always.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Uncle Doug had surgery to fix his knee. They took the old knee out and put a new (metal) knee in. Ask your mom - she can explain a little more.

Melissa K said...

I just got back too!!!! Where are the pictures?!


I know- pics! I couldnt get it to go where i wanted it to so I was just gonaa do a different post!

Kris-10 said...

SOunds like you had a great time. I am so glad you wrote down your experiences so you'll have them later.


Yup I think typing is easier than writing in cursive because I was writing in the journal my mom got us and I got to the end of day 2 and stopped!!!


But I didn't do all details on the computer!