Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Listen to me!!!! or read me!!!!!!!!!!

Alright!!! I know all of you want to see pictures of my new room!!!! I have to get it decorated and all clean before I post ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that clear!!??!!??!!?? You will all have to wait!!!!

P.S those are going to be the colors of my new room!!!!! Hot pink and Brown!!!


The Heaps said...

Can't wait to see it! Thanks for your prayers for Justin! I know he appreciates it and so do I.

Kris-10 said...

I hate waiting!

Melissa K said...

HUUUURRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! I want to see! maybe I'll just have to come over!



You are welcome!!! I am glad!!

Kristen and Melissa-

Be paitiont children!!! I do not know how to spell paitiont.